We gratefully accept donations. For more details, please join the Discord. 

 A donation represents a generous gift from players to support the server. Please note that no in-game items will be received in exchange for donations. 

 Monetization is a goal we're actively working towards. Once it's approved and implemented, we will introduce exciting benefits such as custom clothing, priority queue access, and more options. 

Want Custom Winter Walker Gear?

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Donation Packs

All items below are items we will be offering once Monetization with Bohemia is approved.
(These are currently not being offered on the server, please refer to the discord for updates)
Prices are a work in progress and are NOT set in place. 

Introducing Our Exclusive Packages:

  1. Custom Gear Set - $120
    • Get a fully customized gear set tailored to your design preferences.
  2. Add-ons: $5 per custom item (e.g., logos, text)
  3. Admin Case - $30
    • Access a Winter Walker Case with a generous thousand slots.
  4. Add-ons: $5 per custom item (e.g., logos, text)
  5. Priority Queue - $10
    • Elevate your server experience with priority access.

Bundles for Greater Value:

  1. Custom Gear Set and Admin Case - $115
    • A comprehensive package that combines a custom gear set and the Admin Case for an all-inclusive experience.
    • Add-ons: $5 per custom item (e.g., logos, text)
  2. Custom Gear Set and Priority Queue - $140
    • Enjoy the benefits of a custom gear set and priority queue access.
    • Add-ons: $5 per custom item (e.g., logos, text)
  3. All-in-One Bundle - $150
    • Get it all with the complete package: Custom Gear, Priority Queue, and Admin Case.
    • Add-ons: $5 per custom item (e.g., logos, text)